I would stand at my stove and prepare a supper for you: a fine vegetable or cereal dish, and thick honey would gleam on a glass plate, and cold butter as pure as ivory would form a gentle contrast to the gaiety of a Russian table-cloth. Bread would have to be there, strong, course-grained bread and rusks, and on a long narrow dish somewhat pale Westphalian ham, streaked with bands of white fat like an evening sky with long-drawn-out-clouds.
— Rainer Maria Rilke in a letter to his future wife


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Benjamin Breen is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He received his PhD in History from the University of Texas at Austin in May, 2015 and was a postdoc at Columbia University’s Society of Fellows in 2015-16. He’s working on a book called “The Age of Intoxication.” See more of his work here.

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Charley is a journalist, food writer, sandwich anthropologist, and enthusiastic over-eater. His work has appeared all over the place. He’s based in Los Angeles but would rather be eating in China. He does it all for the goose parts and piña coladas. Check out his work here.

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The proprietress of Roya's Fruit Stand, Roya Pakzad was born in Tehran and currently lives in Santa Cruz, California. She has MAs from Columbia and the University of Southern California. Most days you can find her foraging for fruit in the California hills. Subscribe to her newsletter, Humane AI here.